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Boiler Repair Oldham

Do not wait until your boiler is written off when you can fix the problem quickly and cheaply. From one time or the other, your boiler may breakdown as a result of poor maintenance, wear and tear or any other reason. Some boiler problems are hard to detect. The boiler could seem to operate normally but if left unattended, minor boiler leaks can develop to a disaster in your home or lead to extra repair expenses. Worse still you may be forced to replace the boiler. In case you notice suspicious boiler behaviour, it is important to call a qualified boiler engineer to diagnose the problem to fix it immediately. We have a dedicated team of local engineers who are available 24-7 and are experienced to handle any kind of boiler repairs, new boiler installation, and gas and boiler leaks detection to name but just a few. Avoid last minute rush, call us now and we will send heating specialists your way to not only save you money but also ensure your home is safe.

Annual and Emergency Boiler Servicing

You can schedule an annual boiler servicing even when you believe that your boiler is working correctly. Eco Efficient Oldham boiler servicing involves a thorough inspection on each and every component of your boiler to ensure that it working correctly to uncover any faults which could lead to high energy costs or other serious damages. We inspect for leaking gas or water, flues and terminals, faults in the combustion system and any other defect. We also offer reliable emergency boiler servicing in case you note anything alarming with your boiler. It could be switching off of the pilot light, unusual noise, yellow flame, gas smell, smoke or stains on any part of the boiler. Call us urgently and our technical team will help you to identify the problem immediately and advice on the best way forward.

Durable Boiler Repairs

Once a fault is detected, our engineers will fix the problem immediately to cool your worries. Leave all your boiler repairs in our hands and relax when we work on it. We use modern tools and high quality replacement parts to provide a durable solution irrespective of the problem. If the fault has damaged several parts of the boiler or there exist no permanent fix for the fault, our friendly boiler repairs experts will explain this and recommend a replacement of the whole boiler.

New or Replacement Boiler Installation

On average, Eco Efficient Oldham heating and boiler engineers records over 1, 000 boiler installations within and around Oldham – both fresh and replacement boiler installations. This number increases year after year due to a growing number of referrals from our ever satisfied customers. We will not only fit the boiler in your property, we also help customers to purchase the best sustainable boiler that you can afford with your set budget.

Our Other Services Include:

  • Complete central heating installation for domestic, social and commercial heating needs. We have adequate knowledge on different heating technologies and we are ever ready to help whenever you need central heating replacement or first-time installation.
  • Reliable central heating repair which comprise of inspection and repair of system boilers, piping networks, radiators, gas pumps, thermostats and any other system component.

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