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A boiler is one of the most valuable home and office appliances that keep your home, workplace or hotel room warm and comfortable especially during the chilly winter months. Some people may ignore servicing some home appliances since it appears cheaper and convenient to replace than repair, but this doesn’t hold for your boiler. Your boiler is in use each and every day and as a result wears and tears more quickly. Boiler faults can be a threat to human life and may lead to more costs if not taken care of in a timely manner. Having regular boiler servings is a good practice that can ensure safety and cost reduction. At Eco Efficient Manchester, we offer all-inclusive gas boiler servicing in Manchester, Bolton, Wythenshawe, Ashton-under-Lyne, Oldham, Bury and their environs. We have built a good reputation in the industry and our boiler engineers, who are gas safe registered and fully certified, are experts in gas boiler inspections. We are just a phone call away and we offer very competitive boiler servicing rates.

When and Why Do I Need To Service My Boiler?

It is important to have an annual boiler inspection done by a qualified and authorized boiler engineer. This helps to identify any possible faults which may cause threats to you and your family or other people living in your premises as well as ensures that it’s serving its purpose correctly. From our experience with boilers, we recommend you schedule for a professional boiler inspection at least once per year or at any other time when you suspect an abnormality with your boiler. Our boiler experts will uncover any faults and rectify them immediately to prevent further expenses and damages. If you notice any of the following behaviours with your boiler, call Eco Efficient Manchester and our boiler specialists will identify the problem and advice on the next step.

  • Yellow flame.
  • Flashing or periodic switching off of the pilot light.
  • Stains or smoke on any part of the boiler.
  • Partially-heated water among other abnormalities.

Simple boiler faults need to be identified and repaired as early as possible to avoid bigger more expensive repairs or replacement. Servicing your boiler regularly ensures no hazardous gas leaks and enhances efficiency. Fixing boiler inefficiencies will also reduce your energy bills among other benefits.

Eco Efficient Boiler Servicing

We offer efficient and affordable boiler services which covers both commercial and domestic boilers. Our engineers have expertise with a wide range of boilers popular used in the UK – any type or brand. We offer a comprehensive boiler serving which involves checking all the boiler components including;

  • Water and gas seals inspection.
  • Check-up on combustion fans & banners.
  • Pressure checks and reset.
  • Control and ignition system checks.
  • Overall performance tests.
  • Inspection of safety devices, flues and terminals.
  • Possible gas or water leaks.
  • Boiler component cleaning.

After a complete boiler inspection, our boiler experts will discuss their findings and recommend the next action in case of any defect as well as free tips on how to maintain your boiler to prevent possible faults.

Call for emergency or book annual boiler servicing and our technicians will visit you at your convenience to ensure safety and efficient energy consumption for your boiler.

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